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Chicken Noodle Soup

I can’t find a video for this commercial!

The commercial cuts from kid to kid, all eating, slurping, very much enjoying Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup.  Each kid is asked their favorite thing to eat and they start listing away . . . pizza, ice cream, cookies . . . the usual kid favorites.  Not one of them thinks to mention the delicious soup they are eating!  They love chicken noodle soup, but they take it for granted.

Sometimes I feel like that chicken noodle soup.  My 2yo loves Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Michael, Mickie (our Pastor’s wife). Nana and Pap-Pap get talked about all the time.  Daddy gets a running-up-to hug when he gets home (although if Grandma is around he might not be bothered to).  Even my 2-month-old seems quite smitten by Grandma and gives her some of his biggest smiles!

That child needs and loves me so much – but I’m not sure he always appreciates it!  Maybe he appreciates it, but he doesn’t always show it the way he does with people he doesn’t spend all day with.

But even when Grandma is around, if he is hurt, he still needs a Mama-snuggle 🙂  

Maybe it’s like how child might actually ask for soup when he is sick?



When I was little I did not like fruit on the bottom yogurt.
My favorite yogurt was Yoplait thick and creamy. One time I was curious why it was different and turns out they used gelatin. So it was like yogurt jello actually. Then I think I liked it less.
Did you ever try Yoplait whips? They were pretty delicious but you were paying more per cup for more air and less yogurt.

Then I went through a spell where I wanted fruit on the bottom yogurt because the fruit was so syrupy and sweet – I would eat all the plain yogurt (which I did not enjoy) to then eat and enjoy the sweet fruity goodness on the bottom. Delayed gratification at its best.

When I became a little more refined and older, I would carefully eat a bite of yogurt with a little of the fruit from the bottom to enjoy the un-mixed combination, and I would try to make sure the fruit lasted through the whole cup of yogurt. Usually, because the sweet fruit part was the best part, I erred on the side of too much fruit left at the end. More delayed gratification maybe? Or maybe I am just weird and a sugar addict.

Now I don’t think I can be bothered – I just mixed up my pineapple Chobani so it would all be evenly distributed. Maybe because there was a baby playing on the floor that needed part of my attention, the amount of attention that would be required to evenly eat my fruit and yogurt separately in each well-balanced bite.

I used to always make sure I had the biggest piece of cake. The piece of pizza with the best topping. Now I am happy if I get to eat with both of my hands free, and without having to feed someone else at the same time. Food at the proper temperature is an all-out luxury! I didn’t think I was an especially selfish person but when you have kids you simply cannot be focused on things for yourself that aren’t absolutely essential.


I am going to stop eating refined sugar this week. First I need to find an option for my coffee because stevia does not go well with coffee (I think it is nice in tea though). Exceptions include my gummy vitamins, bread, non-dessert flavored yogurt. I am going to be quite grumpy! Look out!


Many Christians are against the use of yoga because of the spiritual themes that could potentially cause one to sin.  I think those people have valid points, but I don’t necessarily agree.

When yoga was originally practiced it was very much intertwined with the spirituality of the culture.  If a Christian were to immerse themselves in that culture it would probably be detrimental to their Christian walk; could we go so far as to say it would “give the devil a foothold”?  As usual defining our terms is helpful – what most of us call yoga is merely exercise but the practice of yoga in its entirety it should probably be avoided.

So my first question is can the physical movements and their health benefits be separated from the non-Christian worldview of the meditation side of yoga?  I think they can.  But then I wonder if I’m rationalizing because I like how yoga makes me feel and it is beneficial for my health.  I don’t think anyone would argue that the physical movements themselves are sinful (or maybe they would) but then we come back to the question.  If using yoga just as exercise is it okay?

My second question is if yoga falls into the category of things that are okay but not if it causes a “weaker brother” to sin (1 Corinthians 8 principles).  My Pastor is preaching through 1 Corinthians and on this passage said that whenever the weaker brother becomes stronger, they will then be able to do those things.  I thought maybe yoga did not fall in that category because I think the people who are opposed to yoga hold it as a conviction they will keep.  If it is in that category, does that mean I am strong enough to do yoga without sinning and others need to mature?  Does this mean I am a stronger Christian than Albert Mohler? How do I keep from doing yoga in a way that would cause others to sin?  Maybe I am playing with fire and just barely avoiding the downfall from practicing yoga?

I will note that when I do yoga I choose programs that do not speak much (if at all) about the spiritual side.  I am careful to weed out what they are saying and focus on the movement and not the philosophy.  If a certain program is too hokey I don’t do it.

I follow my conscience as we all must.  The confusing thing to me is how different people’s consciences can lead them to different convictions!

Easy Cake to Make with a Toddler

Seriously the easiest, possibly even qualifies as a “dump cake” except I think you have to mix it in a bowl first.

Turns out L didn’t like the finished product but he loves to help cook!

  • 1 box angel food cake mix
  • 1 can lemon pie filling
  • couple handfuls shredded coconut

Mix it all together but do not over mix. Big greased rectangle pan. Sprinkle some more coconut on top if you feel fancy.  350 for 20-30 minutes or until browned and set.

When I get better at blogging I will remember to take pictures of things like this.

Health and Babies.

I have taken 3 walks since Baby E’s arrival 2 months ago – that is 3 by-myself, for-my-health walks.  Several others with a crazy toddler and pushing a stroller that I do not count.  I did 1 beginner yoga video, and 2 times tried to do some on my own.

Because baby weight.  I was spoiled with L because I was working full time, going to the gym regularly, and lost about 15 pounds during his first trimester (without even throwing up!).  I think I gained 15 pounds in the first trimester with E, which is most of what I was supposed to gain total.  Whoops.

Did you know that breastfeeding slows down your metabolism?

Did you know I want to have more babies?  So why try to lose weight when I am just going to get fat and pregnant again someday?  I know there are soooo many reasons to get healthy now, even if I have to do it all over again in a couple years, but it is hard to find the motivation.

Did you know I love sweets?  I have been eating too many.  One time I ate zero refined sugar for a few months and it was very hard but very good for me.  Then I think I ate them in decent moderation for a while.  And then . . . I haven’t had moderation with sweets for a very long time..

I am planning to go off refined sugar again soon . . . maybe as soon as I finish off that bag of cookies . . . and that Jif salted caramel hazelnut spread . . .

Maybe I need to get off coffee.  Because you know what goes really good with coffee?  A pastry.

But you know what comes without coffee?  Massive headaches and cranky mama.

Did you know that one of my parenting ideals is to not yell at my kids? That might be hard without coffee and sweets.

We shall see how it goes!  Not starting yet so don’t ask me how it’s going 🙂

Time (Two Weird Things)

I wake up sometime between 5:45 and 6:30 to either feed the little baby or shower first before hubby leaves for work. Baby E has usually been up around midnight and then again around 4:00 (sometimes 2, sometimes 5 – you never know but he keeps sleeping usually so no complaints!). Big baby wakes up between 6 and 7 and gives snuggles to whoever got him, but immediately asks for the other parent. L goes to bed at 6:30pm and sleeps all night in his own crib and room.

I don’t have too hard a time waking up and I get going. I get a little worried if Brian leaves for work while I’m feeding the baby and L isn’t up yet but I manage the rest of the day by myself so why do I worry?

Breakfast, put little one down for morning nap, get big one dressed, try to do Bible time/prayer/hymn with L, maybe go outside for a bit, maybe go to Target. Not necessarily in that order.

First weird thing: Lately around 8:00 I have been getting amazingly tired – Usually the baby is sleeping again already, and I have been laying on the couch and closing my eyes even though I have a 2-year-old around and awake. How can I be so sleepy already?

Sometimes L will lay with me, but then he might also wiggle and whack me in the process. Most of the time he will play nicely by himself (I’m assuming – as far as I can tell while sleeping!?!?). Sometimes he protests my napping, but yesterday he brought me a blankie. One day I woke up and had two blankies and several stuffed animals napping with me. L had two hats on and a chain of link-rings around his neck.

anyway . . .

Snack for L at 9:30 and coffee for me. Hubby has been making some most mornings and I put mine in the freezer to have icy, sometimes slushy, coffee later.

Little one probably up and then down again.

10:30 L goes down for a nap – anywhere from one and half to three hours. Usually baby E sleeps for some of this time, but is sometimes up and down.

I try to eat something, maybe think about taking a nap (I did in the first few weeks when Baby E arrived), spend too much time on the internet, try to accomplish something that is too hard with kiddos up, etc.

Afternoon is a blur of playing with L and Baby E being up and down. Maybe errands, maybe laundry at Grandma and Grandpa’s, etc.

Daddy comes home!

5:00 dinner, 6:00 L takes a bath (Thank you Brian!), 6:30 quick bedtime routine and L is out! Maybe Baby E sleeps soon, sometimes by 8:00.

Brian and I crash and spent too much time on the internet. Think about doing something. Say we should put the phones away. Should do some dishes. Then all of the sudden it is 9:00 and we should go to bed so we get enough sleep (plenty for him, mine interrupted).

Second weird thing: Lately around 9:00 I have been perking up – wide awake – and getting motivated, sometimes I follow through with the motivation (last night I did dishes!) but mostly I just don’t want to go to bed. I don’t know why. But there you have it.

We stay up too late, I am putzy with my bedtime routine, Brian gets a bottle of water for me, and we go to bed. Get up with Baby E a couple times overnight. The End. Begin again. This is life.

Time flies.

P.S. Baby E is 2 months today!


The last one, done . . . These ideas boggle my mind. How can you know that? Nothing wrong with people who do know for whatever reason – I just can’t imagine myself being there.

The last baby? Who knows who that will be.

There was an article I read recently about how it’s different with the last one, but since I don’t know who that will be, I was wondering if my mindset would be helpful or not. One friend I talked to said maybe just enjoy all the milestones as if it were the last one. I think it’s less sad to watch the milestones pass if it may not be the last time, but will I note them as much as I should if I think we will have more?

Maybe it just means living in the moment no matter what – for all of us, done or not.

Then I have to remember that not everyone may feel called to have lots of children, or may not have the desire for children that I do, and that’s okay. Some others may be done but not by choice.

I also realize it’s not normal that I think about having more kids pretty much as soon as the last one was pushed out!