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This morning . . .

We went to a local park around 8:30 to get some outside time before the unbearable heat came. The park has a 1/2 mile walking loop, baseball fields, and a playground.  I parked just about opposite from the playground so we would walk the loop to get there (shorter stretch for the walk back!).

Elliot walked the whole way to the playground, taking his little 15-month-old time.  Stopping to look at rocks, pointing at the boulders lining the street, squawking at the porta-potty draining truck on its ride in and out of the park . . . And very cutely noticing his shadow!  I told him it was him, and he put his little chubby hands to his chest in a “me???” motion, then watched as his shadow kept moving with us.

Early on a dragonfly landed on his little pointing finger – so cool!

Leland danced and walked and ran ahead at times, then backtracked to let us catch up.  Leland also, per usual, kept up the running commentary.  Elliot took one decent fall but ended up rolling so it wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been.  Ladies out for their morning jogs passed us more than once on our way to the playground. And one man, doing some kind of calisthenics before jogging, while listening loudly to sports radio.  No eye contact from him.

We made it to the playground after one more stop to check out a bench, oh and another stop to watch a flat-bed tractor-trailer go by.  Play play play – climb and slide, climb and slide.  Leland won’t slide at our usual, walking-distance-to park but he will here.  He wouldn’t do the zip line this time.  Elliot and I both hung from the monkey bars, and Elliot tried to climb ladder-y things but could not.

And the walk back to the car – Elliot stops to run his fingers through the gravel.  We stop to check out some cute mushrooms in the grass.  We keep walking, Elliot turns around and walks the other way.  He walked a little more than sat his little crying bum on the ground – it was time to carry him the rest of the way.  Leland carried a stick – we leave those at the park.  He brought his little rock home but had to leave it outside.

One last stop and only picture – a dew-soaked feather, captured on the second try because the kids blocked the sun as soon as my camera was ready the first time!



Inside my head

It’s a scary place, but allow me to give you a peek.

I have a hard time speaking up in discussions.  And it takes shape in some curious dichotomies . . .

For example, I greatly fear sounding stupid.  On the other hand, I don’t want to sound esoteric (wait -esoteric sounds esoteric – let’s say “know-it-all”), or feel too proud of what I have contributed.

I also hesitate in the selfish self-consciousness of avoiding sounding self-centered.  How’s that for neurotic?

I am reminded of a friend who I thought should join the choir since she could sing the alto part so strongly, but she declined because she couldn’t get up there without it feeling like a performance and not worship.  She knew herself well enough to not let herself fall into that trap.  I didn’t understand it then (this was many years ago – maybe I was a teenager?) and I probably fall into that trap myself sometimes when I sing in church, even from the pew.  Maybe that’s why I still get horrible nerves – the nerves get better the more I focus on worship and the more I pray to let it be about God.

Today in Bible study this morning it may have taken me awhile to warm up because I was still busy beating myself up for wrecking everything and always making the wrong decision (hello black and white thinking) because I thought I would drive around a bit beforehand, Elliot would sleep and then nurse in the car before we went in.  Well he didn’t sleep, and he didn’t nurse much in the car (not really surprising really – he is easily distracted), and then he was up with me for most of Bible study because he is a clingy little man.  But at least he’s cute!

Anyways, I’m trying to get over myself because I love the fellowship I’ve been having at this Bible study and I want to get to know these people better!


I really hate to complain.  Wait, who am I kidding?  I would love to complain all the time but we all know that it just brings ourselves down and nobody wants to hear it.  So here I am going to complain about things that I REALLY shouldn’t complain about, but I have a blog now so I can do whatever I want!

  • Elliot sleeps a lot. 7pm to 3am ish (then til 6ish, maybe up one more time inbetween).  The other day he slept until 5am straight!  This is no good for my milk supply.  The morning after he sleeps so long I choke the poor kid for the first few feedings and then struggle to have enough for him by the end of the day.  He also eats almost every hour during the day and mostly cat-naps, so I think it evens out a little?
  • I have really long eyelashes.  If I wear mascara I usually wear clear mascara.  But man, they keep hitting my glasses! It took me a couple weeks to figure out that was the problem.  I kept thinking I had something in my eye or allergies or something!  I know, boo hoo.
  • I struggled with oversupply of breastmilk for awhile.  It sounds like a good thing, but the poor child was choking and spitting up all the time with it. I know there are many who struggle with low supply (myself included with Leland) and I know that is hard, but oversupply is hard, too!
  • I made this term up: Secondary hyperfertility (Like secondary infertility, but the opposite).  We struggled to get pregnant the first time, but took care of a small issue on Brian’s side and now we have had no trouble.  I have a crazy body and my fertility returns very quickly after pregnancy despite round the clock breastfeeding.  I hate to complain, and I am happy that we most likely won’t have any trouble when we want more kids, but it is burdensome on my conscience that is leaning toward openness to life (I hate to use the phrase “have as many kids as God wants us to” because that is what will happen no matter what we do!).
  • Leland is really smart. A little too smart for his own good.  I’m grateful, but if you have a smart kid you know how this can be annoying at times! And his memory is crazy – he won’t let you forget a promise!
  • Ooh, I think I can really complain about this one: Post-partum morning sickness (and as is the case with regular morning sickness, not restricted to just the morning).  Apparently it’s a thing. I googled it. I’ve already taken two pregnancy tests since Elliot was born.  Thank goodness for Dollar Tree tests (see I told you they would come back up!) that don’t hurt the budget! Also thank goodness for seltzer, my magic cure for morning sickness and heartburn!

Okay done complaining!  I truly am grateful for so many things in my life, but we all need to complain a little sometimes!

Time (Two Weird Things)

I wake up sometime between 5:45 and 6:30 to either feed the little baby or shower first before hubby leaves for work. Baby E has usually been up around midnight and then again around 4:00 (sometimes 2, sometimes 5 – you never know but he keeps sleeping usually so no complaints!). Big baby wakes up between 6 and 7 and gives snuggles to whoever got him, but immediately asks for the other parent. L goes to bed at 6:30pm and sleeps all night in his own crib and room.

I don’t have too hard a time waking up and I get going. I get a little worried if Brian leaves for work while I’m feeding the baby and L isn’t up yet but I manage the rest of the day by myself so why do I worry?

Breakfast, put little one down for morning nap, get big one dressed, try to do Bible time/prayer/hymn with L, maybe go outside for a bit, maybe go to Target. Not necessarily in that order.

First weird thing: Lately around 8:00 I have been getting amazingly tired – Usually the baby is sleeping again already, and I have been laying on the couch and closing my eyes even though I have a 2-year-old around and awake. How can I be so sleepy already?

Sometimes L will lay with me, but then he might also wiggle and whack me in the process. Most of the time he will play nicely by himself (I’m assuming – as far as I can tell while sleeping!?!?). Sometimes he protests my napping, but yesterday he brought me a blankie. One day I woke up and had two blankies and several stuffed animals napping with me. L had two hats on and a chain of link-rings around his neck.

anyway . . .

Snack for L at 9:30 and coffee for me. Hubby has been making some most mornings and I put mine in the freezer to have icy, sometimes slushy, coffee later.

Little one probably up and then down again.

10:30 L goes down for a nap – anywhere from one and half to three hours. Usually baby E sleeps for some of this time, but is sometimes up and down.

I try to eat something, maybe think about taking a nap (I did in the first few weeks when Baby E arrived), spend too much time on the internet, try to accomplish something that is too hard with kiddos up, etc.

Afternoon is a blur of playing with L and Baby E being up and down. Maybe errands, maybe laundry at Grandma and Grandpa’s, etc.

Daddy comes home!

5:00 dinner, 6:00 L takes a bath (Thank you Brian!), 6:30 quick bedtime routine and L is out! Maybe Baby E sleeps soon, sometimes by 8:00.

Brian and I crash and spent too much time on the internet. Think about doing something. Say we should put the phones away. Should do some dishes. Then all of the sudden it is 9:00 and we should go to bed so we get enough sleep (plenty for him, mine interrupted).

Second weird thing: Lately around 9:00 I have been perking up – wide awake – and getting motivated, sometimes I follow through with the motivation (last night I did dishes!) but mostly I just don’t want to go to bed. I don’t know why. But there you have it.

We stay up too late, I am putzy with my bedtime routine, Brian gets a bottle of water for me, and we go to bed. Get up with Baby E a couple times overnight. The End. Begin again. This is life.

Time flies.

P.S. Baby E is 2 months today!