When I was little I did not like fruit on the bottom yogurt.
My favorite yogurt was Yoplait thick and creamy. One time I was curious why it was different and turns out they used gelatin. So it was like yogurt jello actually. Then I think I liked it less.
Did you ever try Yoplait whips? They were pretty delicious but you were paying more per cup for more air and less yogurt.

Then I went through a spell where I wanted fruit on the bottom yogurt because the fruit was so syrupy and sweet – I would eat all the plain yogurt (which I did not enjoy) to then eat and enjoy the sweet fruity goodness on the bottom. Delayed gratification at its best.

When I became a little more refined and older, I would carefully eat a bite of yogurt with a little of the fruit from the bottom to enjoy the un-mixed combination, and I would try to make sure the fruit lasted through the whole cup of yogurt. Usually, because the sweet fruit part was the best part, I erred on the side of too much fruit left at the end. More delayed gratification maybe? Or maybe I am just weird and a sugar addict.

Now I don’t think I can be bothered – I just mixed up my pineapple Chobani so it would all be evenly distributed. Maybe because there was a baby playing on the floor that needed part of my attention, the amount of attention that would be required to evenly eat my fruit and yogurt separately in each well-balanced bite.

I used to always make sure I had the biggest piece of cake. The piece of pizza with the best topping. Now I am happy if I get to eat with both of my hands free, and without having to feed someone else at the same time. Food at the proper temperature is an all-out luxury! I didn’t think I was an especially selfish person but when you have kids you simply cannot be focused on things for yourself that aren’t absolutely essential.


I am going to stop eating refined sugar this week. First I need to find an option for my coffee because stevia does not go well with coffee (I think it is nice in tea though). Exceptions include my gummy vitamins, bread, non-dessert flavored yogurt. I am going to be quite grumpy! Look out!

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