The last one, done . . . These ideas boggle my mind. How can you know that? Nothing wrong with people who do know for whatever reason – I just can’t imagine myself being there.

The last baby? Who knows who that will be.

There was an article I read recently about how it’s different with the last one, but since I don’t know who that will be, I was wondering if my mindset would be helpful or not. One friend I talked to said maybe just enjoy all the milestones as if it were the last one. I think it’s less sad to watch the milestones pass if it may not be the last time, but will I note them as much as I should if I think we will have more?

Maybe it just means living in the moment no matter what – for all of us, done or not.

Then I have to remember that not everyone may feel called to have lots of children, or may not have the desire for children that I do, and that’s okay. Some others may be done but not by choice.

I also realize it’s not normal that I think about having more kids pretty much as soon as the last one was pushed out!

One thought on “Done.

  1. Stace

    I think H was about a day old when I started worrying about if we could have another and how that would all go! I’m ready for another one- especially with all of the babies popping up around me. But… with the loads of complications I will have I know that the last could be the last, so I’m okay waiting a little longer. I’m not ready to be “done” yet! 🙂


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