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A Pretty Crier

I don’t really like to read Ann Voskamp.  I’ve never really had a problem with what she says, but her writing kind of drives me nuts.  Honestly I feel like I’m reading a patient’s journal from when I worked in a psych hospital.  BUT she is the reason I have the recipe for bird’s nest cookies we make every Easter now!

And I read her posts about Iraq, because they were just as important as the people who posted them on facebook said they were.

But then she went and made me cry! She talked about friends, and I wouldn’t have known except my new friends at Bible study read it to us, and I felt it all.  I felt all the hurt of people brushing me off, and the hurt of my own lack of effort to keep up with friends.  I felt the hurt of missing dear friends, who live so very far away!

I felt glad I had reached out to a friend recently and we’ve been emailing back and forth.

I felt hope for my new friends at Bible study (including one old friend!) who seem to really invest in me and care, and I cried and told them how grateful I was to be there and for all of them.  And I cried and talked about how I had gotten to the point where I was just all set with people who didn’t get back to me or put any effort in.  It goes both ways, right?  How much effort do I put in if there isn’t any follow through?

And Jenn brought be tissues and told me I was a pretty crier, and I told them I had a lot of experience.

(Excuses alert!) It’s been hard with the two littles, and also I think facebook tricks me into thinking I’m a better friend than I am.

I don’t know what else to say.  It takes time to build some new friends.  I have so many friends I love dearly, but they are so far away.  I need people I can get together with in this area! And it’s starting – slowly, but it’s starting.

So if you are a friend far away, I love you!  Let’s talk more.

If you are a friend close by, I love you!  Come over and I will make you a delicious latte with my aeropress and milk frother.



Leland is 3!

Oh, Leland . . . not that I ever call him that!  Our little Goosety . . . I can’t believe it has been 3 years!

Just born!

Just born!

smart, funny, sweet, sensitive, irrepressible, snuggly (a more recent development), silly, tender-hearted

One year old!

One year old!

He weighed in at 29 pounds and is just under 39 inches at the doctor.

Two years old!

Two years old!

He loves trucks, being outside, playgrounds, sticker books, his kiddie theology book, music class, playgroup, the zoo, macaroni and cheese, ice cream . . .

Three years old!

Three years old!

And some Leland quotes from the last few months:

L: Baby eat pork-pines, only pork-pines

L: Only baby drive impact hammer

(After I had painted my toenails a couple days prior)
L: Mommy put something on her toes
Em: Yes I did
L: It’s garlic
Em: No honey
L: It’s probably garlic

(re: toast) L: It’s [my] favorite.  It’s probably love.

(sticks a toy fishing rod in my nose) L: Gonna take some booger pictures

L:  There’s cactuses at the syringe party

L (sings): Jesus Jesus (speaking) That’s a song about Jesus

B: What kind of dog should we get?
L: A kitty cat dog . . . a ice black dog. Okay.  Alright. Just in case.

L: Spiderweb Leland Daniel Hess.  That’s [my] spiderweb name.

L: You can’t see words, but you can listen to them.

(re: orange juice) L: It lights me up when I drink it


Happy Birthday, my boy . . .

Elliot is 1!

My sweet little baby is one!  I can’t believe this year is gone already . . .

DSC03873 DSC03895

My (not so) little Elliot: determined, stubborn, chubby, snuggly, chatty, fast,                               fearless, clingy, naughty, busy, sweet . . .

Six Months

Six Months

Likes: cars and trucks (especially when they come down the hill across the street; also making vrooming noises with toy vehicles), cups and bottles, waving at people, eating (meat and carbs the best), putting things in other things, climbing, getting into everything, his big brother (most of the time) . . .



As far as sleep, he will choose just 1 or 2 of the following only to bless us with each night and no more:

  • go to sleep on the first try
  • go to sleep without screaming (while held, we don’t do cry it out)
  • sleep longer than 1 hour for the first stretch
  • sleep 1 stretch overnight longer than 3 hours
  • go back in his crib after wakeup/nursing
  • go back to sleep with just pacifier (not nursing)
  • sleep past 6am
  • not be awake/cry for significant length of time

So you can imagine how our nights are . . .

UPDATE: Elliot did all except 1 of those last night! Woohoo!  Must be because he is 1 now 🙂

Elliot also took 1 step 2 times this week!

He is stinkin’ cute and we love him very much!  Happy Birthday Elliot!

DSC04843 DSC04874