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Oh, sleep, you elusive creature . . .

Three reasons I don’t get enough sleep:

  • Leland
  • Elliot
  • Fulton

Three bad dreams I’ve had about singing in church tomorrow:

  • Forgot my music and Mom (who is the music director) was very mad
  • People clapped at the penultimate climax not the ending  (people don’t even usually clap for songs in our church)
  • Had to play on a not-full-size keyboard, standing up, with a much too low music stand I couldn’t see, and I messed up a lot

Four reasons I’ve had trouble falling asleep:

  • Too much sweet tea from Chick-fil-a
  • Rehashing traumatic moments from Downton Abbey
  • A little gurgle in my belly had me convinced I had the stomach bug (we’ve avoided it this year so far!)
  • I couldn’t remember our third pick girl’s name, which is hilarious because we’ll probably have 7 more boys before we even have a girl to use our first pick. I still can’t remember the third pick.