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Oh, sleep, you elusive creature . . .

Three reasons I don’t get enough sleep:

  • Leland
  • Elliot
  • Fulton

Three bad dreams I’ve had about singing in church tomorrow:

  • Forgot my music and Mom (who is the music director) was very mad
  • People clapped at the penultimate climax not the ending  (people don’t even usually clap for songs in our church)
  • Had to play on a not-full-size keyboard, standing up, with a much too low music stand I couldn’t see, and I messed up a lot

Four reasons I’ve had trouble falling asleep:

  • Too much sweet tea from Chick-fil-a
  • Rehashing traumatic moments from Downton Abbey
  • A little gurgle in my belly had me convinced I had the stomach bug (we’ve avoided it this year so far!)
  • I couldn’t remember our third pick girl’s name, which is hilarious because we’ll probably have 7 more boys before we even have a girl to use our first pick. I still can’t remember the third pick.

This morning . . .

We went to a local park around 8:30 to get some outside time before the unbearable heat came. The park has a 1/2 mile walking loop, baseball fields, and a playground.  I parked just about opposite from the playground so we would walk the loop to get there (shorter stretch for the walk back!).

Elliot walked the whole way to the playground, taking his little 15-month-old time.  Stopping to look at rocks, pointing at the boulders lining the street, squawking at the porta-potty draining truck on its ride in and out of the park . . . And very cutely noticing his shadow!  I told him it was him, and he put his little chubby hands to his chest in a “me???” motion, then watched as his shadow kept moving with us.

Early on a dragonfly landed on his little pointing finger – so cool!

Leland danced and walked and ran ahead at times, then backtracked to let us catch up.  Leland also, per usual, kept up the running commentary.  Elliot took one decent fall but ended up rolling so it wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been.  Ladies out for their morning jogs passed us more than once on our way to the playground. And one man, doing some kind of calisthenics before jogging, while listening loudly to sports radio.  No eye contact from him.

We made it to the playground after one more stop to check out a bench, oh and another stop to watch a flat-bed tractor-trailer go by.  Play play play – climb and slide, climb and slide.  Leland won’t slide at our usual, walking-distance-to park but he will here.  He wouldn’t do the zip line this time.  Elliot and I both hung from the monkey bars, and Elliot tried to climb ladder-y things but could not.

And the walk back to the car – Elliot stops to run his fingers through the gravel.  We stop to check out some cute mushrooms in the grass.  We keep walking, Elliot turns around and walks the other way.  He walked a little more than sat his little crying bum on the ground – it was time to carry him the rest of the way.  Leland carried a stick – we leave those at the park.  He brought his little rock home but had to leave it outside.

One last stop and only picture – a dew-soaked feather, captured on the second try because the kids blocked the sun as soon as my camera was ready the first time!


Leland is 3!

Oh, Leland . . . not that I ever call him that!  Our little Goosety . . . I can’t believe it has been 3 years!

Just born!

Just born!

smart, funny, sweet, sensitive, irrepressible, snuggly (a more recent development), silly, tender-hearted

One year old!

One year old!

He weighed in at 29 pounds and is just under 39 inches at the doctor.

Two years old!

Two years old!

He loves trucks, being outside, playgrounds, sticker books, his kiddie theology book, music class, playgroup, the zoo, macaroni and cheese, ice cream . . .

Three years old!

Three years old!

And some Leland quotes from the last few months:

L: Baby eat pork-pines, only pork-pines

L: Only baby drive impact hammer

(After I had painted my toenails a couple days prior)
L: Mommy put something on her toes
Em: Yes I did
L: It’s garlic
Em: No honey
L: It’s probably garlic

(re: toast) L: It’s [my] favorite.  It’s probably love.

(sticks a toy fishing rod in my nose) L: Gonna take some booger pictures

L:  There’s cactuses at the syringe party

L (sings): Jesus Jesus (speaking) That’s a song about Jesus

B: What kind of dog should we get?
L: A kitty cat dog . . . a ice black dog. Okay.  Alright. Just in case.

L: Spiderweb Leland Daniel Hess.  That’s [my] spiderweb name.

L: You can’t see words, but you can listen to them.

(re: orange juice) L: It lights me up when I drink it


Happy Birthday, my boy . . .

Elliot is 1!

My sweet little baby is one!  I can’t believe this year is gone already . . .

DSC03873 DSC03895

My (not so) little Elliot: determined, stubborn, chubby, snuggly, chatty, fast,                               fearless, clingy, naughty, busy, sweet . . .

Six Months

Six Months

Likes: cars and trucks (especially when they come down the hill across the street; also making vrooming noises with toy vehicles), cups and bottles, waving at people, eating (meat and carbs the best), putting things in other things, climbing, getting into everything, his big brother (most of the time) . . .



As far as sleep, he will choose just 1 or 2 of the following only to bless us with each night and no more:

  • go to sleep on the first try
  • go to sleep without screaming (while held, we don’t do cry it out)
  • sleep longer than 1 hour for the first stretch
  • sleep 1 stretch overnight longer than 3 hours
  • go back in his crib after wakeup/nursing
  • go back to sleep with just pacifier (not nursing)
  • sleep past 6am
  • not be awake/cry for significant length of time

So you can imagine how our nights are . . .

UPDATE: Elliot did all except 1 of those last night! Woohoo!  Must be because he is 1 now 🙂

Elliot also took 1 step 2 times this week!

He is stinkin’ cute and we love him very much!  Happy Birthday Elliot!

DSC04843 DSC04874


One of those moms . . . [and some fun links!]

I plunked Elliot down on the floor after the third failed attempt to get him to sleep* and said “I’m going out.”  Brian (wisely) didn’t ask questions. I grabbed my coat and drove alone for the first time in who knows how long and went to Benny’s (a local chain store).  Google said they closed at 9, but when I arrived a big sign said “Open Nights ‘Til 8PM”.  I checked the clock and it was 7:58.  I went in.  It smelled the same as when we went there with my Dad as kids.


I regularly donate, sell, or at least rotate the kids’ toys to keep them under control.  We don’t have tv so Leland doesn’t know about all the great toys for sale out there, and we go quickly past or around any toy section at the store.  I like to stick to open-ended, non-electronic toys but we have plenty that don’t fit that criteria, too.

But then the Benny’s circular came, and there was a toy that looked an awful lot like an impact hammer, and Leland is really into impact hammers (and pretty much every other kind of truck, thank you Truck Tunes Vol. 1 and 2 . . . and desperation on long trips where we count trucks . . . ). He is the one who found it on the page.  (Side note: Easy entertainment for 2 little boys – throw all the circulars on the floor and let them rip/move/scrunch them)

It’s not an impact hammer, more of a bulldozer with a drill on the back, and from Paw Patrol (a show I think).  It’s not electronic at least.  But this striving-for-minimalism-or-at-least-less-clutter Mom turned into a crazed Black Friday shopper and I had to have this toy.

So there I was, at 7:58 scanning the toy aisle at Benny’s 2 days before the toy even went on sale – I wanted it so bad I would’ve paid full price that very night.  No impact hammer.  I scan again, I check to make sure that was the entire toy section.  It’s past 8 now. And then a nice young man in a tie asked if he could help me and I gladly accepted. No impact hammer.  He took my name and number to hold it for me if they found one.  I probably talked about impact hammers a little too much and probably had crazy eyes but I was on a mission, and excited to be talking to an adult.

The next day I line up my brother to check another Benny’s the day they go on sale if I don’t find one.  The day the sale starts arrives, and I call the store with my name – no one answers.  I call the store my brother could run to  – no one answers.  I remember another one close to me – someone answers!  They check – they have one!  They hold it for me.  We all go out in the pouring rain and retrieve it (as stealthily as possible since Leland was with me).  It’s kind of dinky, actually.  But for $11 I will be giving my child an impact hammer for his birthday in May!

*Elliot’s sleep is pretty terrible lately – I think it’s a 10 months thing.  Sleep regressions are hard when sleep wasn’t that great to begin with.  I have a motto, however, because we subscribe to the “wait-it-out” method of sleep training – I made it up myself, and I think it’s pretty catchy:  No sleep training = no complaining.  So I’m not complaining, just explaining 🙂

I found this post about 9 months helpful:  http://babyshrink.com/2010/why-your-9-month-old-baby-is-so-difficult-all-of-a-sudden

Inside my head

It’s a scary place, but allow me to give you a peek.

I have a hard time speaking up in discussions.  And it takes shape in some curious dichotomies . . .

For example, I greatly fear sounding stupid.  On the other hand, I don’t want to sound esoteric (wait -esoteric sounds esoteric – let’s say “know-it-all”), or feel too proud of what I have contributed.

I also hesitate in the selfish self-consciousness of avoiding sounding self-centered.  How’s that for neurotic?

I am reminded of a friend who I thought should join the choir since she could sing the alto part so strongly, but she declined because she couldn’t get up there without it feeling like a performance and not worship.  She knew herself well enough to not let herself fall into that trap.  I didn’t understand it then (this was many years ago – maybe I was a teenager?) and I probably fall into that trap myself sometimes when I sing in church, even from the pew.  Maybe that’s why I still get horrible nerves – the nerves get better the more I focus on worship and the more I pray to let it be about God.

Today in Bible study this morning it may have taken me awhile to warm up because I was still busy beating myself up for wrecking everything and always making the wrong decision (hello black and white thinking) because I thought I would drive around a bit beforehand, Elliot would sleep and then nurse in the car before we went in.  Well he didn’t sleep, and he didn’t nurse much in the car (not really surprising really – he is easily distracted), and then he was up with me for most of Bible study because he is a clingy little man.  But at least he’s cute!

Anyways, I’m trying to get over myself because I love the fellowship I’ve been having at this Bible study and I want to get to know these people better!

Swan Cookies!

So I found this recipe for swan cookies and I was intrigued by how simple it looked to make the swan shapes!  But the recipe was very vague and included some European ingredients I didn’t feel like hunting down, so here is our version.


Refrigerated pie crust

A couple raisins (or brown sprinkles)

1 egg plus a little water


Unroll the pie crust and cut out circles with a glass or cookie cutter.  Fold the circles in half, then refer to the original recipe for where to cut and how to shape into a swan.  Just three little cuts, curl the neck, and spread the wings a little!

Cut up raisins into little bits and place as an eye on each.

DSC04712 DSC04713

Mix the egg with a little water and brush over the cookies.  Sprinkle sugar all over each.

Bake at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes until golden!

I had a pretty cute little helper, and little mister not-taking-a-morning-nap entertained with toys in his high chair for a bit!

DSC04716 DSC04715

They came out pretty good!  But then I also really like pie crust (even better raw – but I couldn’t swipe much in front of the kiddos.  I’m such a weirdo)

The boys liked them (only a little bit for Elliot, and Leland would eat them all day if I let him – I’m using “save some to show and give to Daddy” to keep him from eating more after his nap!).

DSC04717 DSC04719

P.S this is a great shot of Elliot’s coming-in-out-of-order teeth and amber necklace!