Leland is 3!

Oh, Leland . . . not that I ever call him that!  Our little Goosety . . . I can’t believe it has been 3 years!

Just born!

Just born!

smart, funny, sweet, sensitive, irrepressible, snuggly (a more recent development), silly, tender-hearted

One year old!

One year old!

He weighed in at 29 pounds and is just under 39 inches at the doctor.

Two years old!

Two years old!

He loves trucks, being outside, playgrounds, sticker books, his kiddie theology book, music class, playgroup, the zoo, macaroni and cheese, ice cream . . .

Three years old!

Three years old!

And some Leland quotes from the last few months:

L: Baby eat pork-pines, only pork-pines

L: Only baby drive impact hammer

(After I had painted my toenails a couple days prior)
L: Mommy put something on her toes
Em: Yes I did
L: It’s garlic
Em: No honey
L: It’s probably garlic

(re: toast) L: It’s [my] favorite.  It’s probably love.

(sticks a toy fishing rod in my nose) L: Gonna take some booger pictures

L:  There’s cactuses at the syringe party

L (sings): Jesus Jesus (speaking) That’s a song about Jesus

B: What kind of dog should we get?
L: A kitty cat dog . . . a ice black dog. Okay.  Alright. Just in case.

L: Spiderweb Leland Daniel Hess.  That’s [my] spiderweb name.

L: You can’t see words, but you can listen to them.

(re: orange juice) L: It lights me up when I drink it


Happy Birthday, my boy . . .

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