A mini-babymoon, a birthday, and a belly

As in very mini babymoon.  While pregnant with Elliot we spent 2 whole nights away from Leland!  Which I think may have actually been a bit much for him, but he was (self) weaned, sleeping through the night . . . used to me leaving to work one afternoon a week etc.

So yesterday we got to go out from 11:30am til about 6pm (with a stop back in for a bit to nurse/coddle Elliot when he woke up)

I wore make-up:


which you can probably barely tell – but there you have it.

Brian and I went out for Indian buffet lunch, then home as mentioned.  Then off to an antique store (can’t do that with the  boys!), coffee/book shop stop, consignment shopping, and finally dinner out before picking up the boys who had since decamped to Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  Basically we like to eat as much food as we can on babymoons (Elliot’s was to Vermont – Ben and Jerry’s, Cabot cheese, cider mill, Vermont Country Store). The kids were like – oh, hi.  And actually Leland was a little more clingy/needing cuddles after us being away than Elliot.

The other exciting thing that happened yesterday was we started Leland’s allowance – $4/paycheck since he turned 4.  He got 3 ones and 4 quarters – 2 quarters for church, 2 for the piggy bank/savings, and $3 spending.  Which he promptly spent $2.10 on matchbox cars that are already breaking.  Part of the learning process!

Also exciting is that we are making Elliot stay in his crib all night for about the last 5 nights.  It’s had its ups and downs but we are hopeful he might make it into Leland’s room before the baby comes . . .

Speaking of baby . . .


There he is in there!  33 weeks tomorrow, on the day I turn 32.  I wore make up today, too.

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Raising Grateful Kids – Review

So little did I think that with my little blog that a handful of my facebook friends read I would be chosen to be part of the launch team for a new book by Kristen Welch (of wearethatfamily.com ) – Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World.  I even filled out the form at the very last day!  I’ve only been reading her blog for a couple months but I have come to appreciate her insights.

So the book – it’s a bit of an emotional read, but I think it’s an important one.  Kristen shares many stories from her parenting experiences, and those of others.  Also included are some polls she conducted and research studies from others.  There is also plenty of scripture to support her ideas!

I most appreciated the chapter on technology, as it convicted me about my own overuse of my phone.  Also because this era of technology is a new parenting world.  Even I can remember a time before computers (barely!) but my kids will have so much more technology than we ever did.


The other best chapter was the last one –  “Dear Parents” – where she gets real about the challenge of this undertaking.  One of the series on her blog has been “Parenting upstream in a go-with-the-flow world” which described it well.  She boils it all down to what all parenting goals boil down to:  What you want them to be like, you have to model.  But of course, there are a lot more practical details on how to do that in the book, including ideas for each age group at the end of each chapter.

I also loved her focus on service and perspective, drawn from her experience with travel and starting a non-profit.


I did have a bit of a hard time relating to some of the examples for a few reasons.  I think our current financial position has forced us to be more content.  I can remember thinking that I would never ever live in an apartment when I had kids – I would own a home for sure.  And now here we are, in a 2-bedroom rental, after living in a 1-bedroom until Leland was 18 months old, and I think that if we could live in a townhouse that would pretty much be my dream home.  God has been gracious in changing my heart on my sense of entitlement (at least in some areas) as we have learned what we can actually afford.


Much of the book is also more for future reference for me – my kids are only 1 and 3; their little desires are quite simple and so far they are happy with simple.  Sure they get itching for “something new”, especially around birthdays and Christmas when people are a bit too generous, but they also say “thank you” often (well, “ks” from Elliot) and even unprompted.

My only other area of differing opinion is that I definitely lean in more gentle parenting style than Kristen, but I was able to take the information and fit it into my ideas about parenting.  Some of it is just semantics, like in the chapter against a child-centered home. I can also see how attachment parenting might look too child-centered but could still be more family-centered (and even better – Christ-centered).  Because again, I only have littles, and let’s face it – they tend to be the focus and their needs tend to influence the rest of the family.  That’s why I am sitting here finally typing this review while they are sleeping!

Overall it was a good and important read and I’ve been blessed to be part of the group previewing the book.  Check it out!

Where to buy:


barnes and noble

also check lifeway and cbd




I Wear My Great-Grandma’s Clothes, I Look Incredible, Vol. 4

Well I wore this all the way back on 10/4/15  . . . blogging has just not been on my radar!

Somehow I felt like a diner waitress in this one?  Also I was a fan of the slimming vertical lines. Paired with leggings, and black ballet flats (pretty much the only dress shoes I own right now).


with the cardigan . . .


and without!


I don’t know.

Brian:  That one’s cute
Emily: Look closer
Brian: Oh

And I guess you can see most of my shoes here, and my fancy lace foot liners, which someone was just asking me about!  I just know I got them on Amazon, not sure what kind they are but there are plenty to choose from if you search!

Planning to write about otters soon, so there’s that to look forward to – but this took me so long to do, don’t hold your breath!

I Wear My Great-Grandma’s Clothes, I Look Incredible, Vol. 3

I have 2 dresses photographed! So more to come!

This dress is maybe my favorite.  Turns out it is flattering, too.  A couple people lately have thought that I lost weight but sadly that is not the case.  I’ll take the compliment, though!

In hindsight I should have worn my pearls!  Worn with my trusty/old white church sweater.  I don’t remember what shoes and they’re not in the picture – probably just ballet flats.

DSC05222 DSC05223 DSC05233

A sad story about this dress is one time I let someone talk me out of wearing it an event and wore something less . . . vintage.  I care a little less about what people think these days.  But confidence matters – if I had worn it without feeling it, I probably wouldn’t have looked as good anyway.

Now I wear it to hang out in the nursery at church with my kiddos – and they certainly don’t care what I’m wearing, save maybe for Elliot needing nursing access.

More to come!

I Wear My Great-Grandma’s Clothes, I Look Incredible, Vol. 2

Took these pics a couple weeks ago!

This dress is sadly wrinkly but made out of like plastic so I’m scared to iron it.

A couple cute photobombers made it into this shoot🙂


Blue leggings for pop of color, black flats, and a perfect color match bracelet I found in my closet

DSC05178 DSC05182

Confession: I used a robe belt because the belt wasn’t long enough, and the top buttons had a little trouble maintaining their position.  Great-Grandma must not have been quite so curvy . . .

This morning . . .

We went to a local park around 8:30 to get some outside time before the unbearable heat came. The park has a 1/2 mile walking loop, baseball fields, and a playground.  I parked just about opposite from the playground so we would walk the loop to get there (shorter stretch for the walk back!).

Elliot walked the whole way to the playground, taking his little 15-month-old time.  Stopping to look at rocks, pointing at the boulders lining the street, squawking at the porta-potty draining truck on its ride in and out of the park . . . And very cutely noticing his shadow!  I told him it was him, and he put his little chubby hands to his chest in a “me???” motion, then watched as his shadow kept moving with us.

Early on a dragonfly landed on his little pointing finger – so cool!

Leland danced and walked and ran ahead at times, then backtracked to let us catch up.  Leland also, per usual, kept up the running commentary.  Elliot took one decent fall but ended up rolling so it wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been.  Ladies out for their morning jogs passed us more than once on our way to the playground. And one man, doing some kind of calisthenics before jogging, while listening loudly to sports radio.  No eye contact from him.

We made it to the playground after one more stop to check out a bench, oh and another stop to watch a flat-bed tractor-trailer go by.  Play play play – climb and slide, climb and slide.  Leland won’t slide at our usual, walking-distance-to park but he will here.  He wouldn’t do the zip line this time.  Elliot and I both hung from the monkey bars, and Elliot tried to climb ladder-y things but could not.

And the walk back to the car – Elliot stops to run his fingers through the gravel.  We stop to check out some cute mushrooms in the grass.  We keep walking, Elliot turns around and walks the other way.  He walked a little more than sat his little crying bum on the ground – it was time to carry him the rest of the way.  Leland carried a stick – we leave those at the park.  He brought his little rock home but had to leave it outside.

One last stop and only picture – a dew-soaked feather, captured on the second try because the kids blocked the sun as soon as my camera was ready the first time!


I Wear My Great-Grandma’s Clothes, I Look Incredible Vol. 1

New series!  Get it?

I’d link to the song, but I’m not sure if all the lyrics are appropriate.

This dress is what I wore to church today, and, as you can imagine, belonged to my Great-Grandma.  She was pretty cool.  She always tried to give me the food off her plate, and she got so excited when we would get her toilet paper for Christmas.


Styled with boots from Payless that I totally copied from my sister-in-law, a belt I bought awhile ago just for this dress, and a necklace from a World Vision donation.

Check out the detail of this fabric!


The first time I wore this dress I got very distracted from the sermon in church when I realized there were animals all over my dress!

Hoping to wear some more of her things in the future and take some more pictures!