A mini-babymoon, a birthday, and a belly

As in very mini babymoon.  While pregnant with Elliot we spent 2 whole nights away from Leland!  Which I think may have actually been a bit much for him, but he was (self) weaned, sleeping through the night . . . used to me leaving to work one afternoon a week etc.

So yesterday we got to go out from 11:30am til about 6pm (with a stop back in for a bit to nurse/coddle Elliot when he woke up)

I wore make-up:


which you can probably barely tell – but there you have it.

Brian and I went out for Indian buffet lunch, then home as mentioned.  Then off to an antique store (can’t do that with the  boys!), coffee/book shop stop, consignment shopping, and finally dinner out before picking up the boys who had since decamped to Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  Basically we like to eat as much food as we can on babymoons (Elliot’s was to Vermont – Ben and Jerry’s, Cabot cheese, cider mill, Vermont Country Store). The kids were like – oh, hi.  And actually Leland was a little more clingy/needing cuddles after us being away than Elliot.

The other exciting thing that happened yesterday was we started Leland’s allowance – $4/paycheck since he turned 4.  He got 3 ones and 4 quarters – 2 quarters for church, 2 for the piggy bank/savings, and $3 spending.  Which he promptly spent $2.10 on matchbox cars that are already breaking.  Part of the learning process!

Also exciting is that we are making Elliot stay in his crib all night for about the last 5 nights.  It’s had its ups and downs but we are hopeful he might make it into Leland’s room before the baby comes . . .

Speaking of baby . . .


There he is in there!  33 weeks tomorrow, on the day I turn 32.  I wore make up today, too.

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4 thoughts on “A mini-babymoon, a birthday, and a belly

  1. Rosie

    That mini babymoon sounds lovely! I wonder if my husband and I can wrangle something before this baby is born…

    And I’m laughing at $4/week! I’m having my 6yo let the chickens out every morning and take out the compost and he gets… 50 cents a week!!! I feel cheap, but I’m starting small on purpose because he tends to blow all his money on chewing gum and there’s only so much of that we need 😉 He’ll get a raise soon, I’m sure!

    Love your dress 🙂 And way to put makeup on! Lipstick is a commitment!!

  2. rachaelandtim07

    You look gorgeous!

    The mini- babymoon sounds like so much fun.

    My four-year-old started getting an allowance a few months ago, and he is always obsessing about spending every dollar he gets as soon as he gets it. He’s always bugging us to take him to the store, and we can’t seem to understand he could get something nicer than a few cars or a coloring book if he’d wait a few weeks!


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