I Wear My Great-Grandma’s Clothes, I Look Incredible Vol. 5, plus a bonus!

Well lookie here – some pictures from last December for your enjoyment.  Great-Grandma’s clothes were not baby-bump friendly!

The skirt was my Great-Grandma’s, with a white cami, gray sweater, and that all felt a little too bland for me so a sparkly scarf.  And of course my good old black flats, and a cute then-three-year-old.


I need to work on looking natural, and maybe somewhere other than the church nursery to take pictures? Sundays get a little crazy in our household so we do what we can!

And a Bonus!  My Great-Great Aunt Winifred made pretty things, and sadly this sweater no longer fits, but here is a glimpse of the neckline:


I think I wore this sweater when I was in 4th grade so understandable that it isn’t the best fit now.

Maybe that the baby belly is gone (who am I kidding? The baby is out, but much of the belly remains . . . ) I will find some more old clothes to wear!



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