Chicken Noodle Soup

I can’t find a video for this commercial!

The commercial cuts from kid to kid, all eating, slurping, very much enjoying Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup.  Each kid is asked their favorite thing to eat and they start listing away . . . pizza, ice cream, cookies . . . the usual kid favorites.  Not one of them thinks to mention the delicious soup they are eating!  They love chicken noodle soup, but they take it for granted.

Sometimes I feel like that chicken noodle soup.  My 2yo loves Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Michael, Mickie (our Pastor’s wife). Nana and Pap-Pap get talked about all the time.  Daddy gets a running-up-to hug when he gets home (although if Grandma is around he might not be bothered to).  Even my 2-month-old seems quite smitten by Grandma and gives her some of his biggest smiles!

That child needs and loves me so much – but I’m not sure he always appreciates it!  Maybe he appreciates it, but he doesn’t always show it the way he does with people he doesn’t spend all day with.

But even when Grandma is around, if he is hurt, he still needs a Mama-snuggle 🙂  

Maybe it’s like how child might actually ask for soup when he is sick?

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