I Wear My Great-Grandma’s Clothes, I Look Incredible, Vol. 4

Well I wore this all the way back on 10/4/15  . . . blogging has just not been on my radar!

Somehow I felt like a diner waitress in this one?  Also I was a fan of the slimming vertical lines. Paired with leggings, and black ballet flats (pretty much the only dress shoes I own right now).


with the cardigan . . .


and without!


I don’t know.

Brian:  That one’s cute
Emily: Look closer
Brian: Oh

And I guess you can see most of my shoes here, and my fancy lace foot liners, which someone was just asking me about!  I just know I got them on Amazon, not sure what kind they are but there are plenty to choose from if you search!

Planning to write about otters soon, so there’s that to look forward to – but this took me so long to do, don’t hold your breath!


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