I Wear My Great-Grandma’s Clothes, I Look Incredible, Vol. 3

I have 2 dresses photographed! So more to come!

This dress is maybe my favorite.  Turns out it is flattering, too.  A couple people lately have thought that I lost weight but sadly that is not the case.  I’ll take the compliment, though!

In hindsight I should have worn my pearls!  Worn with my trusty/old white church sweater.  I don’t remember what shoes and they’re not in the picture – probably just ballet flats.

DSC05222 DSC05223 DSC05233

A sad story about this dress is one time I let someone talk me out of wearing it an event and wore something less . . . vintage.  I care a little less about what people think these days.  But confidence matters – if I had worn it without feeling it, I probably wouldn’t have looked as good anyway.

Now I wear it to hang out in the nursery at church with my kiddos – and they certainly don’t care what I’m wearing, save maybe for Elliot needing nursing access.

More to come!

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