This morning . . .

We went to a local park around 8:30 to get some outside time before the unbearable heat came. The park has a 1/2 mile walking loop, baseball fields, and a playground.  I parked just about opposite from the playground so we would walk the loop to get there (shorter stretch for the walk back!).

Elliot walked the whole way to the playground, taking his little 15-month-old time.  Stopping to look at rocks, pointing at the boulders lining the street, squawking at the porta-potty draining truck on its ride in and out of the park . . . And very cutely noticing his shadow!  I told him it was him, and he put his little chubby hands to his chest in a “me???” motion, then watched as his shadow kept moving with us.

Early on a dragonfly landed on his little pointing finger – so cool!

Leland danced and walked and ran ahead at times, then backtracked to let us catch up.  Leland also, per usual, kept up the running commentary.  Elliot took one decent fall but ended up rolling so it wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been.  Ladies out for their morning jogs passed us more than once on our way to the playground. And one man, doing some kind of calisthenics before jogging, while listening loudly to sports radio.  No eye contact from him.

We made it to the playground after one more stop to check out a bench, oh and another stop to watch a flat-bed tractor-trailer go by.  Play play play – climb and slide, climb and slide.  Leland won’t slide at our usual, walking-distance-to park but he will here.  He wouldn’t do the zip line this time.  Elliot and I both hung from the monkey bars, and Elliot tried to climb ladder-y things but could not.

And the walk back to the car – Elliot stops to run his fingers through the gravel.  We stop to check out some cute mushrooms in the grass.  We keep walking, Elliot turns around and walks the other way.  He walked a little more than sat his little crying bum on the ground – it was time to carry him the rest of the way.  Leland carried a stick – we leave those at the park.  He brought his little rock home but had to leave it outside.

One last stop and only picture – a dew-soaked feather, captured on the second try because the kids blocked the sun as soon as my camera was ready the first time!



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