What we’ve been eating . . .

Some new recipes I’ve tried:

Butternut Squash sauce (on tortellini and spaghetti) – I combined the roasting method from Martha Stewart’s recipe here (including roasted whole garlic cloves along with it) and the rest of the ingredients/method from Lauren’s Latest here  (decreasing the amount of time cooking the squash in the broth because it’s already roasted, and I made sure to super slow caramelize my onions).  Sooo yummy but unfortunately Leland is sensitive to it – more leftovers for me I guess!

Cranberry Bliss Bars – here at Taste of Home.  Can they just admit they copied them from Starbucks?  They are so good!  I used ground ginger instead of cinnamon in the blondies, and skipped the orange zest in the frosting.  I think I upped the powdered sugar in the frosting, too, but I was just dumping what was left in the bag I had.

Creamy Chicken Chili – here on Passionate Penny Pincher.  I replaced the can of Ro-Tel with a can of chopped green chilies because Leland is allergic to tomotoes.  I skipped the Ranch seasoning and added dried cilantro and garlic.  I also added a cup or two of chicken stock.  I can’t imagine how thick this would be without it!  Big hit with all of us!  I might decrease the amount of corn next time, and maybe drain the can of corn – the corn overpowered a bit. I might also try white beans instead of black just for aesthetics.

Cheesy Ham, Broccoli, and Rice – here at Buns in my oven – I don’t think I really changed anything with this one!  I pretty much usually put my own spin on things.  Hubby is not really a fan of this one but I think it’s delicious and easy so I keep making it.

For Elliot:  my little baby is starting to eat!  He turned 6 months on Sunday and has so far enjoyed gnawing on half bananas, long pieces of roasted squash, steamed baby carrots, and Baby Mum-Mums. We use the baby-led weaning method so we give him whole foods to explore at his own pace, starting with stick shapes that are easiest to hold and of course soft things. There has been some significant gagging but that is part of the process of learning to eat.  He seems to really be enjoying it!  Next up to try is steamed broccoli and apple slices.  So much fun and so much mess!


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