Eggplant dinner!

We were given a beautiful eggplant from one of Brian’s coworkers but I was stumped . . . all I wanted was good old Eggplant Parm but Leland is allergic to tomatoes (and spinach, and blue food dye).  After poo-pooing all of a lovely friend’s ideas, my sister-in-law mentioned goat cheese so I got thinking and googling . . . and found this recipe for Fusilli with Roasted Eggplant and Goat Cheese.  I substituted gemelli for fusilli, and sunflower seeds for the pine nuts ($3 for 9oz vs. $9 for 4oz – eek!).  I also tweaked the directions and order of steps a little to fit in baby-holding, baby-feeding, and toddler-managing. And to clean up chicken stock off the baby.

I also added a cup or so of chicken stock because it was in the fridge and I thought it would beef (chicken?) up the flavor a little (I think it did).  I also added more lemon juice than called for because it could use more.

So the chicken stock was in a carton, and it turns out it was not closed, I discovered when I shook it and it flew all over me, my kitchen, and the baby on the playmat.  He was not pleased!  But the playmat is machine washable!  

Some yummy ingredients 


Roasted eggplant


And the (not very pretty) result!


The toddler was not a fan, but he tried it.  I added a spoonful more of goat cheese to my dish after serving.  Brian thought it was okay, and also enjoyed it with more goat cheese.   I liked it!  

Look out, I might start thinking I am a food blogger or something!

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